Tennis 006 is a sartorial study of tennis as an artform. Drawing cues from the work of artist and tennis player Rashid Johnson's meditative and highly physical practice, the collection features 14 new silhouettes engineered for ease of movement. A studio visit sets the stage for this release, as Johnson's large scale paintings, often oil on linen, complement the collection with dynamism, dexterity and a poetic nature. Johnson sees tennis and art as mirror disciplines, overlapping in allegiance to form, athleticism, and strategic thinking. “[Tennis] is cerebral, and, like painting, you are left on an island to fend for yourself." JACQUES’s first foray into fully-fashioned Italian-made knitwear, the collection is comprised of garments that perform elegantly for all manifestations of physicality. Raw, natural materials such as renewed wood fibers and virgin merino wool blend with tactile high-performance nylon, all in a palette of white, navy and grey.

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